St. Patrick’s Day Update!!

That’s not to say that the update is specific to St. Patrick’s Day. There have been no significant  changes to St. Patrick’s Day for centuries, I believe. We still just wear green and get damn hammered because of… Irish snakes.

I’ll start again…

Album Update On This Day, Which Also Happens To Be St. Patrick’s Day!!

It’s still not done! But… it is getting closer. Nothing left but a few lead vocals and some harmony, before re-amping and mixing. But this one song is giving me trouble in terms of buttoning up the lyrics. If anyone wants to suggest a good rhyme to “flop lifelessly” or “off a fucking bridge”, please contact my offices during regular business hours.

What’s taking so long this past year, you may ask? I don’t know. I went to Sweden, so that was one week. My dog has face cancer. I watched a lot of Voltron. I guess that about covers it.

I kind of have a player up on the website now, so feel free to click around there. And I’ve signed up for bandcamp, so feel free to poke that joint up too. The link is at the waaaaaay bottom of this site.

Well, Voltron is on again. See you next year, I guess.


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