Welcome to the official website of the musical efforts of smalltime vault.


1. a large room or chamber used for storage, especially an underground one.
2.  jump over (an obstacle) while propelling oneself with one’s hands or a pole.


ˈsmôl ˈˌtīm/
adjective informal
1. unimportant; minor.



My youth was poorly spent writing songs with a punk band called Einstein. We were just kids from small towns who ended up playing punk rock because it was all we could manage. It was chaotically perfect.
Through this, I fell into the habit of writing songs to help me wrap my head around feelings and ideas. This habit continued long after Einstein had faded away. I’ve always made lots of primitive recordings of these songs over the years- looking towards the day when I could sit down and flesh out some finished projects.
So I’m all grown up now. I have a lot of songs that I’ve written and never properly recorded. They are in my heart, and I just want to hear them. I have a basement full of meager, second-hand means to record. My musical interests have expanded well beyond punk, although nothing will ever move me as much as those forbidden beats. I have armed myself with the instruments of rock and roll, and I’ve meticulously pointed all of my microphones at them. I slowly write, re-write, track, re-track, mix, re-mix, re-mix, and re-mix these songs while my little kids wander around underfoot, sometimes with the help of my friends. This is smalltime vault.



An old friend reached out to me about something randomly tonight, looking for an old Gadget recording. I launched into search mode, because I’m totally a great friend. I let that old friend down entirely and completely. I might be a great friend, but I’m also truly useless- unable to ever produce any results whatsoever. …


The new album is here! A New Type of Bummer is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Band Camp, Soundcloud, Deezer, Tindr and Grindr. I may be jumping the gun about Tindr and Grindr. But I know you’d swipe right on my music if it was there. No matter what you’re …


New album is almost available! It’s on Bandcamp and on the website media player at this point, with more digital streaming options to come. In that this one took two and a half years to finish, it feels more like a chapter in my life than an album. Thanks to Merv and Rich for lending …


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