I haven’t updated anything here for a year! I finished recording and mixing the punk rock album, and stalled when it came to the graphic arts part. I hate that part. It was so much easier when I was making punk rock demos. Back then you could just take a few picture of some Marshmallow Peeps, pictures of Nazis, add some black magic marker profanity and take it all to a copier. 5 cents a copy later and you were done in 20 minutes. Ah, the golden age of graphic arts!

But, I’m moving forward again, reaching out to friends more capable than I, in this new graphic arts world.

In other news, apparently this stupid website has stopped working. Troubleshooting Joomla link issues is not my bag. If there was a bag of dicks, then that wouldn’t be my bag either. But, I’d have a tough time deciding which bag is mine if I had to choose between the bag of dicks or the bag of Joomla troubleshooting. Both bags are equally bad for me. Zero stars. Would not recommend either bag. 

So, for now this website is just a blog. New website design is in the works, again because I’m reaching out to friends who can do a billion times better than I ever did with it.

In the meantime, I’ve been writing a lot of varied stuff- everything between sleepy acoustic stuff, rockabilly, electronica, and more punk rock. I think my next release might be about as far off the map as a project can get. I’ve started far more than I’ve finished, though. But I’m suddenly invigorated with the thought of finishing the artwork for the punk album and having a new website.

So, maybe brace yourselves for an onslaught of content?

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