So, this punk album took a lot longer than I’d expected!

Mostly because I didn’t expect to waste so much stupid time reading the Game of Thrones series. That shit is WICKED LONG. And then the summer happened, with lots of camping and weekend trips, and tons of date nights because grandparents keep taking my kids overnight. So, I’m having a blast. But it’s slowed progress down to a drunken, one-eye-open, down-the-stairs crawl.

But I’m just finishing up some last minute mixing. And then it’s finished! The project is named “A Fury Beneath the Love”. I chose that because it’s furious music that was crafted in the basement of my home, beneath the feet of the family that I love so much.

I also love Rich and Merv, who lent their rarely-tapped punk rock skills to a few of these tracks. Thanks, brothers.

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