The new album is here! A New Type of Bummer is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Band Camp, Soundcloud, Deezer, Tindr and Grindr. I may be jumping the gun about Tindr and Grindr. But I know you’d swipe right on my music if it was there. No matter what you’re orientation, it’s worth the casual sex.

My daughter did the cover art, and I paid her handsomely for it. It’s her first paying gig as a graphic artist (not bad for age 13)!

Big thanks to my brothers Merv and Rich for lending a hand with a track again. It wouldn’t be smalltime vault without them. Again, Merv didn’t know he was lending a hand because I just stole his drum tracks from an old Gadget demo of Shoop. But just because his performance was stolen doesn’t mean it wasn’t integral and appreciated.

And Rich’s vocals on an old sorta’ Einstein song were very much appreciated, because no substitute would ever do. He’s the sugar, and everyone else is just fucking Splenda.

I’ve thrown a few YouTube lyrics videos together as well, posted below.

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