“Onslaught of content” my ass!

So, my trend of starting more than I finish continues.

I did start a very ambitious “oldies” project. See, I grew up listening to oldies, even though I’m not quite old enough to get away with saying that. But we only had three radio stations in my house. Jammin’ 94.5 (top 40’s and current R&B hits), 107.3 WAAF (butt rock), and Oldies 103.3. And Oldies 103.3 was my favorite.

So I spent my childhood with a radio in front of a mirror. I’d listen and I’d lip-sync. I’d sit there waiting for Elvis, Beatles, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly… I loved all the early rock and roll stars, even though I was born in 1977. I guess since my hometown was so far from radio towers that it backed my childhood up by 20 years or so.

All this background lead me to want to write an album of my own “new oldies”. Started writing. Got an old family piano delivered to my home. Scored an old upright bass. Things were looking good. Here comes the new oldies, right?

Wrong. The old piano needed repair. And it turns out that I’m no good at piano repair. And then it also turns out that the upright bass is really hard to play, even if you know how to play bass. Who knew? They should put a warning on those things. So this project stalled, and things just petered out.

A few months later I decided to shelf this new oldies idea until I had a workable piano and a little more expertise with that upright bass.

So I’ve started working on a new project- that’s just a bit more in my wheelhouse. It’s like a sequel to my first album, but a little more refined with the production. When in doubt- indie rock with stabs into sub-genres.

So wish me luck, as I abandon the ambitious and stick to what I know- indie rock and recycling Merv’s drum tracks.


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