The Snakepants and Rocco project is done!

Right now, I’m not really sure what the fate of ‘9 Parts Cat’s Asshole’ is. I’ve added “Beg For It” to the playlist on this official website, until SnR has established it’s own web presence (if it ever does). But if you are into duck-call-sodomy-songs, then this song is probably… well.. it’s whatever the equivalent of “up your alley” is when you can’t say “up your alley” because of the sodomy pun. So… enjoy!

Since then, I have started tracking drums for my triumphant return to punk rock. I started yesterday, in fact. But then I quit after 20 fucking minutes. Punk rock drums are hard. HARD!! I was all tired and sweaty. I briefly considered just playing more ukulele cover songs instead.

But I’m back at it. Punk rock project in progress. My goal is to produce the punk rock demo that I would have played (in cassette form) over and over when I was 17 years old. Almost half of the songs are old and being revisited. The other half are half-written ideas. So stay tuned, folks.

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