I’ve been working hard on a 9 song Snakepants and Rocco project with my best friend Tim Skrewed of Bedpan Fight. It’s called “9 Parts Cat’s Asshole”, named for our description of Black Velvet. Real high-brow stuff. These are Tim’s songs, and they are straight-up catchy pop-punk anthems. It’s about 83% done at this point, with nothing but a few guitar parts and a bunch of harmonies to track. I hope to have it done in April.

Then after that I’m going to dust off my own mohawk* and work on smalltime vault’s return to punk rock roots. There will be a few old punk songs. There will be a few new punk songs. There may even be an old Einstein song or two.

* figuratively speaking, as I’ve never actually had a mohawk. But I did go to court for vandalism defaming the elderly. That’s more punk than a mohawk, right?

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