The first smalltime vault album is now completely tracked and mixed!

Big shout-out to Crazy Merv, who played the drums for three of these songs. He didn’t know he was playing the drums for these songs though. I tricked him. We recorded a demo of cover songs for our bar-band Go Gadget Go. I stole the drum tracks and re-recorded my own music over them, without ever telling him. He thinks he’s playing Cranberries, The Outfield, and J. Geils instead of 1000 Year Sleep, The Millionth Piece, and Cordelia. You’re awesome, Merv!

The last project on the list was to get Rich Cook’s vocals on Brass Cat Devilry. It was a lot harder to convince him that he was really just recording covers for Gadget. I was all like “Let’s record Abracadabra by Steve Miller.”

He was all like “I don’t know the words.”

And I was all like “I wrote them down for you.”

Then he read the devil-part for my song and was all like “None of these seems familiar to me. Are you quite certain that this is Abracadabra?”


But seriously, thanks to Rich! No, I didn’t write devil words for him because he is the worst person ever (at least 4th or 5th on that list…). I wanted Rich yelling the devil part because he is a bad-ass, hardcore yelling machine.

For now these songs are only available on the Soundcloud Playlist on the web. I’m going to start doing my homework to get them on iTunes and Spotify and what-have-you. This homework effort will be parallel with an effort to tighten up my drum mix and start working on the next album. That’s where I’ll stray far away from all this genre-line-crossing and sissy-stuff. It’s time to get back to my punk rock roots. 

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